G-Cash | GTBank Ghana

About this Service

G-Cash is a service that enables you to transfer funds (up to GHS10, 000.00 per transaction) to any beneficiary in any part of the country. Beneficiaries can receive cash /draft at any of our branches nationwide.

How to Send

  • Visit any branch, complete the transfer form and add your valid identification.
  • Hand over the completed form and ID together with the amount of money you want to send
  • After payment, collect your receipt from the teller. The receipt must have the document number, answer to test question and the paying branch (provided by the sender). These details must be communicated to the beneficiary.
  • For online transfer, visit www.gtbghana.com and access the internet banking site.

How to Receive

  • Visit any of our branch locations nationwide specified by the sender.
  • Complete a Claim Form and add a valid ID.
  • Review and sign the receipt that is given to you.
  • The teller will then give you the money together with a copy of the receipt.