GTBank Automated Payment System (GAPS) | GTBank Ghana

About this Service

GTBank Automated Payment System (GAPS) is an internet banking platform for corporate clients that gives you 24/7 real-time access to your account.

GAPS facilitates the processing of vendor, supplier or payroll payments in batches or single payments, using secured (https) connections over the Internet.

Features & Benefits


    • Role based system: Each user is given a role with specific functions e.g. Uploader, Reviewer, Approver etc.
    • Multi-user solution: Supports multiple users for each role
    • Two-Phase Login: Every user logs in with an access code in addition to a unique username and password.
    • Two factor token authentication: Approvers are issued hardware token devices which generates a dynamic password to authenticate log-in.
    • Multi-level transaction authorization: No single user can commence and conclude a transaction except otherwise stated on the account mandate
    • Integrates seamlessly to alternative payment channels EFT and RTGS
    • Full audit capability enabled.
    • Comprehensive reports – ability to generate payment reports, approval reports etc.
    • Customizable – the system can be customised to meet specific corporate requirements


  • Manage and make bulk vendor, supplier, distributor or staff payments to GTBank and other bank accounts and mobile money wallets
  • Online real-time access to your account statements
  • Configuration flexibility to align with your payment process flow
  • Single and Bulk cheque confirmation
  • FX purchases and transfers
  • Visa fee payments
  • GRA, Property Rate, DVLA and other government payments