Important Notice:Please be mindful of fake sites run by fraudulent parties posing as Guaranty Trust Bank (Limited) Ghana or its affiliates. Do not disclose your personal information and financial details to anyone online or anywhere else.


Gh-link card is a domestic payment card issued in partnership with Ghana Interbank Payment & Settlement System (GhiPSS) that allows cardholders to withdraw cash and pay for local goods and services as well as make local payments on the internet.


1. Cheaper Option: No issuance fee, No monthly or annual maintenance fee, No transaction (POS & Online) fees.

2. Wide Acceptance: Gh-link cards are accepted on all ATMs & POS terminals of partner Financial Institutions locally

3. Greater Security: Gh-link Cards are chip based with all cardholder information encrypted. A transaction can only be authorized with the correct PIN. This restricts unauthorized use of a gh-link card at both ATM or Merchant location.

4. Safer than cash: Making payments with a gh-link card is safer than cash as funds are taken directly from your bank account.

5. Convenient: Cash withdrawal and other ATM transactions can be made at any time of the day offering you 24hr access to your money. Similarly, making payment with the card, can be done at any time of the day

6. Extremely Simple: it is simpler than making payment with cash

7. Record Keeping: Each purchase or withdrawal is recorded automatically on your monthly bank statement, helping cardholders track and manage their expenses.


Kindly visit any of our branches to apply for a free instant Gh-link card and it will be issued. Alternatively, simply dial *737*700# and follow the prompts to have your card delivered to you at a fee if within Accra and Tema Metropolis.