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About the NRG Service

The Non Resident Ghanaian (NRG) Account Service from Guaranty Trust Bank provides Ghanaian living abroad with access to a wide range of products and services; some of which include Savings, Easy Savings, Current accounts, Foreign Exchange Account, Foreign Currency Account, Investment in Money Market instruments, e-Banking services and Card products as well as access to a Relationship Manager who would manage the client’s account.

This innovative service offers Ghanaians and their families in the Diaspora the opportunity to open and operate a Ghanaian bank account from anywhere in the world.

How to Apply

Documents Required:

Documents required to access product and services under the NRG Platform

  • Duly completed Account Opening Form. Download one here
  • One Passport Photograph showing full face
  • A copy of any of the following means of Identification of Signatory:
    • Valid Ghanaian passport
    • Valid National Driver’s license
    • Valid National Identity Card
    • Valid Voters Identity Card
  • Copy of any of the following (where applicable):
    • Duly filled Banker's Confirmation form / Utility bill issued within the last three months for the address stated on the form
    • Bank or credit card or bank statement issued within the last three months showing customer address.
  • References (either (i) or (ii) below)
    1. One reference letter obtained from a current Banker or Banker's confirmation.
    2. One reference letter from a Current account holder (Ghanaian) with any Ghanaian Bank.
  • A signed email indemnity clause authorising the bank to act on client’s electronic instructions (optional)


  • Scanned copies should be sent to
  • Original copies should be sent to the following address:

    Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited,
    25A Castle Road Ambassadorial Area,
    Ridge, PMB CT416, Cantonments,
    Accra- Ghana
    Tel: +233 302 611560 / 680746