Corporate Executive Card | GTBank Ghana

About this Card

The GTBank Corporate Executive Card provides a tailored solution for companies whose staff or management are frequent travellers. This card enables companies’ administrators and responsible managers to:

  • Enforce compliance with company travel policies.
  • Get better deals with vendors (hotels, restaurants, etc).
  • Connect well-organized data to their expense management and reconciliation system.
  • Benefit from widespread acceptance at over 35 million locations worldwide, including cash access locations.

Features & Benefits

  • Loyalty rewards of up to 0.10% rebates
  • Tailored card controls such as customizable spend limits and unapproved vendors list blocking.
  • Unlimited airport lounge access
  • Range of insurance benefits including travel insurance
  • Attractive lifestyle privileges and international concierge services (Optional).
  • Efficient expense management
  • 3-D secure feature for second level authentication during online purchases(upon request)
  • Worldwide acceptance at over 35 million locations.

How to Apply

Download and fill the GTBank Corporate Card Request form.