Virtual Card FAQs

GTBank Virtual Card Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the GTBank Virtual Card? 

A unique electronically generated prepaid card that enable customers of the Bank to shop and make payment across thousands of online platforms globally including on popular sites such as,,,, without the need to use physical cards.

  1. What does the GTBank Virtual Card offer you?
  • Utmost convenience – you can create the cards anytime anywhere simply by dialing the short code *737*10#
  • Multiple funding options – you can fund your card with either your GTBank account or mobile money wallet
  • Unlimited uses: You can use your virtual card for online shopping, paying subscriptions, Mail order/telephone orders etc. virtually, you can use the cards to perform all online transactions.
  • Added security: Your virtual card is not linked to your account giving you added security. 
  1. Who can create and use the GTBank Virtual Card?

All GTBank customers. Customers can also create the card and ‘gift’ them to friends and family to use for online transactions. 

  1. How do you create and fund your GTBank Virtual Card?

Simple. Follow the steps below to create and fund your account:

  1. Dial *737*10#
  2. Select option 1 (Create Card).
  3. Select your preferred mode of funding 
    • 1. GTBank Account
    • 2. MTN MM Wallet
    • 3. Tigo Cash Wallet
    • 4. Vodafone Cash Wallet
  1. Enter Amount to Deposit
  2. For GTBank account option, select Account to Debit
  3. Enter your PIN to confirm virtual card and initial deposit.

Once completed, an encrypted card will be sent to your registered email address and an SMS with a token number sent to your registered mobile number. Use the token to access your card and start transacting effortlessly online.


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